Starling is powerful audio player with lossless audio formats support, 31-band equalizer and modern design.


Advanced Features to Feel the Sound

Desktop-class audio player with proper abilities

Listen to your Library

Starling allows you to
just put your audio files into it through
AirDrop or iTunes File Sharing.

Optionally you can listen to
iTunes Library (not Apple Music Library).

Hi-Res Lossless Audio

Listen to lossless with

On the other hand, lossy MP3, MP4, AAC, MusePack are still available.

Best Equalizer

Built with respect of the industry,
31-band equalizer allows you to adjust the sound.

This cool feature is fully compliant with
ISO 266:1997

Performant & Efficient

For each platform that Starling supports it offers amazing performance and smoothness, even on old iPhone 4S.

Smooth and Stylish Design

Bearing in mind, but not limited to iOS Human Interface Guidelines, we've built our dream

Essential functionality should be perfect

Pixel-perfect elements, smooth scrolling and animations

Discover best audio quality and performance

Starling is available for iOS 8 and above on iPhone 4S and newer

Beta Program

If you want to become a tester, see the following instructions:

  • you need to have iPhone 4S and above
  • you need to have iOS 8 or above installed
  • install TestFlight by Apple from the AppStore
  • log in with your Apple ID within the TestFlight application (if it did not)
  • for the first time you also will need to send your email address to — an invitation will be sent back to that address

Let's Get Started!


If you have any questions about using our product,
please feel free to ask us.

Starling, Inc.

1267 Willis ST STE 200
Redding, CA 96001-0400